Framing & Matting

Custom Cut Frames

When working with two-dimensional media, framing often becomes a necessity to display your artwork. With our costom framing options you can select and control every framing variable, so that the final look of your piece will complement your artistic vision. There are many choices we can provide you when it comes to picture frame moulding. Customization includes the style and color of the moulding, the thickness of the moulding, and finally the dimensions of the frame of which your work of art will be placed in.


Picture Frame Glass

Regular Glass is the most common type of glass we use. It is strong, resistant to scratches and affordable. Regular glass filters will also filter approximately 50% of destructing U.V. rays. Regular glass has a higher breakability and weight compared to other options.

Non-glare glass is great if your artwork is hanging right in front of a window. The protection is also 50%. Be advised that the non-glare glass properties will also make the image less distinct because of the etched surface. This ‘fuzzy’ image is personal taste since some people prefer the softening on some images like pastels.

Acrylic Glazing is a popular type of picture glazing, especially for galleries and shipping. The pros of acrylic picture glazing are that it is much lighter than glass, it is shatterproof, provides 60% protection from the harmful U.V. rays and it is available in both regular and non-glare forms. The cons of acrylic picture framing are that it scratches easily and is a more expensive alternative to glass.


Custom-Cut Mats

We offer premium mat stock and an extensive selection of mat colors for your art and framing needs. We can cut you a single or double mat that fits right into your frame and has a custom opening to accommodate your artwork. We cut all mats in house on our digital mat cutter and can apply in house to your project.